Frequently Asked Questions:
About Applying

Yes candidates can apply as a team and there is no limited number of team members
The first training session is on December 2, 2018

From December 2, 2018- April 2019

The training program is from December 2 to February 26
The training program is twice a week, every Sunday and Tuesday, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm during December 2- February 26.
Yes, as long as there is at least one Kuwaiti on the team
Ages 21 and above are welcome to apply to the program
Yes you can apply with an idea and let us guide you through the rest
Yes you can participate regardless of what your major is
Fifteen teams will be selected to Fikra Program

About Funding

Yes you can apply and we will assist you in determining the correct amount of funding required and provide you with investment opportunities
We do not guarantee an investor however we provide numerous investment opportunities from our partners and from the investors attending the final ceremony where all of the entrepreneurs will present their businesses.

About the Program

The training will be held in Al Hamra Tower on the 60th floor
The program is free of charge
A certificate is presented to Fikra Program entrepreneurs when they complete the program in April 2019