About Fikra Program

Fikra Program was first launched in 2015 as a corporate social responsibility program under the direct management of Cubical Services, which has invited all the key players in the SME field to play a role in Fikra program and support Kuwaiti youth’s business ventures. Fikra Program aims to build a creative and innovative generation by offering them a range of solutions as to how develop their business ideas into successful established businesses.


To empower a new generation of entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses and advance the local Kuwaiti market. We see the opportunities and the potential in Kuwaiti youth, and aim to help them reach it to the fullest.


The main goal of Fikra Program is to prepare Kuwait’s entrepreneurs with the skill set and knowledge they need to succeed, and to provide them with the support and guidance to develop their ideas into businesses.

Benefits of FIKRA Program

Business Training

Intensive workshops are provided for entrepreneurs to obtain the essential knowledge needed to establish and manage a business.

Idea Enhancement

Enhancing the entrepreneurs business ideas to a point that it’s not only feasible but also profitable.

Networking Opportunities

Providing opportunities to entrepreneurs to expand their social circle in the business world..

Comprehensive Business Plan

A customized business plan that clearly outlines all the aspects of the entrepreneurs business including detailed financial projections.

Investment Opportunities

Entrepreneurs will have several investment opportunities provided by the partners of Fikra Program as well as individual investors.

One on One Mentorship

All entrepreneurs will be assigned a mentor from the same industry to guide them, provide them with advice, and answer their questions.

GCC Expansion

Business field trips are conducted to broaden an entrepreneur’s knowledge as to how businesses can expand within the GCC.

Media Exposure

All of the events during Fikra Program will be shared on social media and other media channels to provide the entrepreneurs with exposure.


Quotes from Fikra Program Entrepreneurs

“What comfort zone?”

“The first step in a business journey”

“From thoughts to a great idea”

“One step closer towards your dream”

“A fun way to accelerate a startup”

“Fikra gave me a better understanding of how to start and run a successful business and helped give us more exposure.”

“Small businesses opportunities producer”

Fikra Program- 5th Edition

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Fikra Program- 4th Edition Entrepreneurs

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    Chayyel is a social gaming platform crafted to make a mixture of e-commerce marketplace & where gamers connect, stream & challenge each other

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    E-Pill Box

    A smart medicine box that notifies patients to take their pills on time and follow-up treatment of the patient remotely, with ease.

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    By M.S.K.

    A fashion brand inspired by life in the Middle East/The Gulf with a western twist

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    MY Route

    A bus tracking app that allows the user to efficiently manage their time.

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    Invite Me

    Invite Me is an application designed to create and customize your ideal electronic invitation card, we are here to help assist in taking care on one of your most time consuming tasks, we facilitate to deliver, track and monitor your guest list.

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    Jalboot Marine

    A revolutionary new technology to clean and maintain underwater structures/hulls and boats/yachts from fouling.

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    A creative science platform that aims to empower scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs in science and technology by creating a diverse and inclusive environment to spread science and technology in different and creative way

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    Litkw provides canvas frames with lights that are customized to each customer. Their goal is to have their own gift shop that manufactures creative products.

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    Battery Recycling

    Recycling lithium-ion batteries to produce critical materials for re-export.

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    Diabetic Wound Detector

    An invention that detects wounds. The invention consists of two stages of detection, location and depth of the wound, using special radiation methods for diabetic patients.

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    OnePass is an application that includes thousands of kids activities in one place

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    Pet Gourmet

    Pet Gourmet is Kuwait’s first local manufacturer of healthy, fresh, organic pet food.

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    The first local, medical, consumable factory in Kuwait , aims to meet the Hospital needs with locally manufactured products following international standards.

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    An online platform that shows all bookstores in Kuwait, so it will make it easier for the user to locate books and have them delivered.

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    Boulder is a climbing centre that will introduce Kuwait to the enjoyment of climbing. The centre aims to bring together people from different backgrounds and form a climbing community.

Fikra Program- 3rd Edition Entrepreneurs

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    Cap Corp Calcium Carbonate Factory

    Cap Corp Calcium Carbonate is a Kuwaiti based factory that supplies top quality calcium carbonate.

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    Environmental Projects Support Company

    A company that provides a concrete waste-recycling device solution to a problem with ready-mix plants.

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    851 Animation

    851 Animation is a platform for animators and those interested in the art of animation, where they can discover, explore, and develop their skills through long-term courses and collaborative projects.

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    Young Doctors Academy

    Young Doctors Academy is an enrichment program for kids between the ages of 6-14 bringing the world of medicine and health into the classroom in a fun and interactive way by promoting skills, exploration and discovery, to inspire the next generation of doctors and scientists in Kuwait.

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    SnackBook is an application that provides audio summaries for books, so you can listen to a book every day.

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    Lawpedia aims to educate the public about law related subjects by qualified professionals.

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    Go Diving

    Go Diving is an application for booking scuba diving trips and diving courses in and outside Kuwait with an easy gateway payment.

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    BirthKuwait Center

    BirthKuwait is a non-profit community health group providing education, support, and services for families in Kuwait from the preconception to the first two years of baby’s life.

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    Dalia's Diamonds

    Dalia’s diamonds provides educational diamond courses and unique jewelry designs.

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    R20 Energy

    R20 Energy aims to return waste rubber back to synthetic petroleum oils.

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    DUO is a multidisciplinary design house that aims to build and connect the community through art and design.

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    A platform that connects people to a variety of fitness studios and classes by providing a pay as you go option

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    STEP (Solving The E-waste Problem)

    STEP is an electronic recycling program aiming for a better eco-system.

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    Ooty aims to revolutionize and transform the process of the laundry industry.

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    Living is a platform that specializes in interior design and home decor, offering online shopping and delivery for home accessories. As well as, an electronic guide that combines all Kuwaiti interior designers to display their designs.

Fikra Program- 2nd Edition Entrepreneurs

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    A platform that allows food suppliers and restaurants to connect and trade.

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    Poly Labs

    PolyLabs is a design and manufacturing studio that aims to develop the industrial design in the MENA region through a merge between VR (Virtual Reality) modeling and high quality 3D printing systems to bring your ideas to reality.

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    Solar Energy

    Generating electric power from green energy and providing a new type of roads that will nourish electric storage.A sand/stone material which can glow in the dark and that can turn cement into a glowing material.

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    Little Corner Store

    We help our customers capitalize on their unused gadgets and devices by leasing them out safely, securely, and hassle free on our online platform.

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    Evaporative cooling using traditional clay based system that reduces A/C electrical consumption by 20% during peak hours.

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    Parking application that helps you find & reserve the nearest available spot.

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    LSQUARE Studios

    Introduce the art of 3D Animation and storytelling through computer generated images and motion graphics to create animated scenes.

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    Tel3app is a mobile application that allows you to organize any kind of sport game, starting from pickup games to school tournaments.The app provides you with all the features and tools you need to manage your games.

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    Copywriting and content creation focusing on appreciating the Arabic language and encouraging proper writing.

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    Life Skills Academy

    Providing training sessions to kids on basic life skills such as sewing, cooking, and managing a household.

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    Fashion on Wheels

    A mobile boutique that delivers stylish clothing to consumers using a truck that delivers style to customers wherever they are.

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    Plastic Greenhousing

    Recycled plastic bag making and corrugated polycarbonate sheet production.

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    Kabati helps you find the perfect outfit for every occasion by getting feedback from your friends and finding inspiration in the looks other Kabati Community members post.

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    Wood Works

    A wood factory specialized in customizing wood works and using local recycled wood by a professional Kuwaiti under one roof in a comfortable ideal enviroment.

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    A local vertical farm that will implement modern agricultural concepts and help minimize Kuwait’s dependence on imported produce.